Following the success of the original single, they are introducing new versions of the song. These remixes are created by well-known producers from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Great Britain.

Each remix brings a unique and fresh perspective to „For You,” giving the song a new, energetic feel.

But it isn’t the only surprise! In addition to the remixes by Bakun, BBX, Don Bnnr, and
Deniz Kasum, the single also features a classic Eurodance remix by Real Thing. It’s a special treat for all the nostalgic fans of this iconic music genre.

Additionally, you’ll soon be able to watch the behind-the-scenes video for „For You” on Mirami’s official YouTube channel. This will give you a glimpse into how the music video for the song was made.

We invite you to listen to Mirami’s music and follow them on official music platforms and YouTube.

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Mirami – For You (Remixes)

Music: Andriy Bakun
Lyrics: Oleksandr Duda
Producers: Andriy Bakun, Oleksandr Duda