Has the secret of Mirami been revealed? These photos are worth a thousand words.

For years, Mirami has been setting the music world on fire with incredible hits, thrilling concerts, and an army of loyal fans across Europe and beyond. Yet, it seems that it’s not just their music that’s about to attract  the world’s attention to this group.

In 2021, the talented Tetyana Bek joined Mirami and soon became the soul of the team, alongside Maria Ivaskevich and Oksana Pidvishenna. Her remarkable voice, magnetic charisma, and unique individuality endeared her to fans. However, during their recent performance at Warsaw’s Explosion club, devoted fans noticed something beyond her musical talents. Is Tetyana’s blossoming belly hinting at a new chapter in the band’s history?

Throughout the Mirami tour, eager fans on internet forums engaged in lively discussions about the possibility of Tatyana’s pregnancy. The newlywed singer gracefully evaded addressing this question. It’s worth noting that Tatiana is not only focused on her musical career, she recently defended her bachelor’s degree at the Lviv Polytechnic University and is currently studying for a master’s degree. Will there be room for motherhood in such a busy schedule?

Despite the rumors and speculation, the Mirami team has remained silent on the matter for a long time. Many were interested in whether a possible break in Tanya’s career would affect the group’s activities. Only now have we learned the truth from official sources: Tatyana Beck is indeed expecting her first child in January. However, Mirami fans can breathe a sigh of relief! Despite future changes in her personal life, Tanya has no intention of giving up her work in the band. The artist herself emphasized that motherhood will not affect her musical career and plans to return to the stage with full dedication already in April.

We join in the congratulations and wish the parents and their upcoming little one all the happiness and blessings in the world!